27 February 2015

Examinations – vocational education

In the new examination system in which exams confirming particular qualifications specified in a given profession will be organised, division of professions into qualification constitutes a starting point for implementation of a new vocational education system based on new core curriculum for education in professions classified as vocational education professions.

Changes implemented since 1 September 2012, provide for the possibility to confirm each qualification specified in a given profession separately and to obtain by a student a certificate attesting a specific qualification.

The system of external exams confirming qualifications in a profession pertains also to non-credited students of qualifying vocational course as well as persons who attest their qualifications in a profession in extramural courses. Upon passing the exam confirming qualifications in a profession, an adult will also receive a certificate attesting a given qualification.

Attesting all qualifications specified in a profession and obtaining a proper education level is the condition to receive a diploma attesting professional qualifications and a diploma supplement.

Persons who want to take a vocational examination shall declare their will to take the examination in writing no later than 4 months before the exam date announced by the director of a regional examination board. The declaration shall include: first name and surname; date and place of birth; personal identification number PESEL, and if one has no PESEL number – passport or other identification document series and number; place of residence; name and digit symbol of the profession; name of the qualification specified in this profession according to the classification of vocational education professions in which the candidate wants to take the vocational examination; symbol of the qualification according to the core curriculum for education in professions.

Credited students (non-credited students) shall submit the declaration to the headmaster of the school they attend, while graduates – to the director of a regional examination board. Graduates shall attach to the declaration school-leaving certificate issued by an institution conducting vocational education with regard to the profession a given qualification to be tested during the examination is specified in.

Upon completion of a qualifying vocational course, the declaration shall be submitted to the director of a regional examination board competent for the place the course was conducted. A certificate of completion of a qualifying vocational course should be attached to the declaration.

On the website of the Central Examination Board, guides with sample questions and tasks which can be asked at the examination confirming qualification in a profession, along with solutions, are published.

The vocational examination may be conducted during the whole school year, at a date specified by the director of a regional examination board, upon agreement with the director of the Central Examination Board. The date of the vocational examination shall be announced by the director of the regional examination board on the website of the board no later than 5 months before the exam date.

Regional Examination Boards (OKEs):

  1. OKE Kraków
  2. OKE Łódź
  3. OKE Jaworzno
  4. OKE Poznań
  5. OKE Wrocław
  6. OKE Gdańsk
  7. OKE Warszawa
  8. OKE Łomża


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