27 February 2015

Poland according to OECD and BBC – strong performers and successful reformers in education

The Ministry of National Education recommends getting acquainted with the movie: Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education produced by Pearson Foundation in 2010. Poland is one of ten countries worldwide which were subject to a thorough analysis of OECD. The analysis is described in the report and presented in movies about education systems of these countries. The movie about Poland presents in interviews with authorities from the education world changes introduced in the Polish education system in the last decade. It shows also that thanks to a series of reforms, Poland has significantly improved education quality and students’ achievements.

Achievements of the Polish education system are also described in a material in BBC Business. As Bill Hicks, author of the text writes: “Polish schools succeed more than other schools – reducing gaps between the weak and the strong ones, the more and the less talented”.

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