27 February 2015

Diversification of PISA survey results – lower secondary schools in Poland provide equal opportunities

Poland is one of OECD countries which managed to considerably improve students’ results in years 2000-2009 and at the same time to significantly reduce differences between results achieved in various schools, that is to equalise educational opportunities of students. Smaller differences between results of various schools can be linked to the education system reform of 1999. Introduction […]

27 February 2015

Skills of ten-year-olds – PIRLS and TIMSS 2011 surveys

On 11 December 2012, results of PIRLS1 and TIMSS2 international surveys were published. The surveys testing competences of younger students of primary schools were conducted by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA). Apart from the PISA survey carried out by OECD which is addressed to 15-year-olds, PIRLS and TIMSS surveys are the main […]

27 February 2015

Success of Polish lower secondary school students. Global results from PISA 2012 survey

Polish students are among the best in the European Union for the first time. They have improved their results in all three competence fields tested: mathematics, science, reading and interpreting. What is more, the results are significantly better in the group of both the best and the worst students. Results of Polish students were below the […]

27 February 2015

Poland according to OECD and BBC – strong performers and successful reformers in education

The Ministry of National Education recommends getting acquainted with the movie: Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education produced by Pearson Foundation in 2010. Poland is one of ten countries worldwide which were subject to a thorough analysis of OECD. The analysis is described in the report and presented in movies about education systems of these […]

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